Equipment & Technologies

Geophysical survey equipment

Milsearch utilises a wide variety of search equipment which it applies to specific tasks using a “tool box” approach - selecting the most appropriate technology or combination of technologies to meet the peculiarities of each specific task.

Geometrics Dual Sensor G858 Magnetometer

Gap Geophysics TM7 Magnetometers

Geometrics Metal Mapper 18" coil metal detectors


Gap Geophysics TM7 EMU Metal Detector

Geometrics EM61 MK2 High Power Detector

Geometrics Dual EM61 Mk2A High Power Towed Sled Array



Analogue search equipment

Minelab Electronics F3 Mine Detectors

Minelab Electronics F3 UXO 18” coil Detectors

Forster 4.032 Magnetometers


Ebinger UPEX 740M Large coil Detectors



Positioning equipment

TopCon RTK GPS 10 cms accuracy

Sokkia and Sagem DGPS sub 1m accuracy

TopCon System 150 GPS Directed Tractor Steering Control


TopCon GPS Light Emitting Diode Steering Bar

Garmin Fourtrex GPS

Garmin GPSMap 60CSx



Underwater search equipment

Minelab Electronics Excalibur Metal Detectors

SSBA Diver with Ebinger Magnex 130B Magnetometer

500kg Air Lift Bag




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