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The Milsearch Approach

Combining the knowledge and experience of former military personnel with state of the art geophysical search technologies and precision satellite positioning systems,Milsearch provides a one-stop shop for all aspects of the assessment and remediation of land and underwater areas contaminated by the remnants of military activity.


Milsearch’s products and services are recognised internationally for their reliability. Reliability achieved through knowledge, safety and quality:


Knowledge: gained through focused research, geophysical savvy and years of hands-on experience - applied with practical leadership and integrity.


Safety: assured through project execution guided by certification to OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational Health & Safety Management Systemby Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance Limited - implemented by people who understand responsibility.


Quality: achieved through project management guided by certification to ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance Limited - practiced by people who care.


Our Infrastructure Services

Roads. Contamination assessment including historical research and sampling programs, safeguarding engineering fieldwork associated with feasibility and design, including specialist advice in the development of EOD terms of reference and contract packages for engineering construction. Pre-construction clearances of road easements, resource areas and construction lay-downs.


Bridges. Land and underwater clearances of footings, tie-downs, berms and land approaches for small and large bridges, and crossing sites.


Airfields. Work includes historical research and clearance of potentially contaminated rural and provincial airfields.


Resource Exploration and Mining. Provision of safe working environments for mineral and oil exploration work that includes seismic surveys, geology fieldwork, drilling programs, access roads, mine site clearances and safeguarding geological surveys.


Petroleum Facilities.Development of specifications for searches, clearances and quality assurance for projects involving gasification plants and power stations.


Hydro Dams. UXO assessments and clearances for hydroelectric dam construction.


Power Transmission and Communications.UXO clearance and de-mining of transmission line easements, remote retransmission andrelay sites and tower footings.


Communication.UXO clearances ahead of fibre optic cable runs on land and underwater.


Marine.Cable and pipeline ocean-to-shore approach towed marine UXO surveys and clearances. Support to dredging for UXO/Munitions removal and identification and removal of obstacles to dredging. Hazard clearance for harbour, jetty and berth expansion or maintenance dredging.


What clients receive before, during and after our work

In response to requests for tender or proposal, Milsearch prepares a detailed submission on how it will meet the client’s requirements. We have developed our management system in accordance with AS/NZS ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems to focus on identifying and meeting the requirements of our potential and current clients.


In addition to a comprehensive post activity report, Milsearch provides progressive reports in accordance with the client’s requirements. Reports describe the work carried out, any items found and a summary of any disposal actions.


When you are considering the need to assess or investigate UXO contamination on land or underwater please contact us.


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